Summer Acoustic Gigs

So I’ll be playing a few gigs over the summer. These will be as an acoustic ish duo with the assistance of the lovely Gareth Cole on guitar and backing vocals.

I last worked with Gareth on this song from the last Mike Kershaw album.

Here be the gigs:

July 7th – Acoustic Delight Ish

Andy Tilison, Tom Slatter and Jack Arthurs at the Voodoo Cafe Darlington, UK

I’ll be the middle act from a bill that looks to be proggy, singer-songwritery and really rather fab. Here’s all the info.

July 8th – Airship Northstar 2 – Berwick-Upon-Tweed

I’m the opening act on the Saturday of this weekend festival. It promises to be all sorts of steampunky fun. Details can be found here.

August 1 – The Far Meadow and Tom Slatter in Watford

I’ll be supporting the progtastic Far Meadow at The Horns in Watford. Here’s a facebook event. 

August 4/5 – The Surrey Steampunk Convivial – New Malden

We’ve yet to nail down exactly which day, but I will once again return to the Surey Steampunk convivial at the Royal Oak New Malden. This is a steampunk event, and to my mind one of the best. Here’s a facebook event thingie.

I will edit this once I know which day I’m playing on.

Please do come along!


Gig announcement! 7th July in Darlington

I am well chuffed to be able to announce this gig:

7th July at the Voodoo Cafe in Darlington!

Tickets are here.


“Three acts and three very different styles of music to suit all tastes in the great line up.

Jack Arthurs returns to Darlington with his brand of singer song writing. His last album Treasure House was well received across the media. His music reflects his experiences of the north east and it’s amazing countryside. He follows in the fine tradition of folk rock and has been compared with Alan Hull of Lindisfarne ‘s solo material.
Tom Slatter Steampunk Troubadour on has just released his fifth album “Happy People” to great acclaim like Jack he is on Bad Elephant Music . He is a regular on the Steampunk scene and has to be seen to be believed.
‘Tom Slatter is a quintessentially British eccentric with a quirky imagination who has produced some of the most innovative progressive music in recent years.’ – Prog Magazine’
Andy Tillison the keyboard player and main man with The Tangent as well as projects like Po90 and Diskdrive have placed him as a stalwart of the centre modern progressive rock music. Never one to be pigeonholed his projects contain Jazz, Classical, Electronica and funk to name a few.
This is a rare opportunity to see him perform a solo set in as acoustic a way as any keyboard player can be said to be acoustic. He is about to embark on a European tour with The Tangent and Karmakanic in August to promote “The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” which is released in July 2017.
This evening is a going to be entertaining and interesting to say the least.”


Summer Gigs are now over!


Finally a quiet weekend after my busiest spring/summer of gigs. I’ve played to some lovely audiences all around the country and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing so.

Reviews of these gigs have described me as: ‘dark’, ‘sardonic’ and ‘overly whimsical’.

Being a little one-man-band indie musician with a day job, I don’t have the time to go looking for gigs. In fact all but one of this year’s gigs came about because someone asked me to come and play rather than me asking them.

This is still the best way to see me play a gig – just ask! All we need is a room and some people (depending on the amount of people we might need some other equipment as well. And I need to not lose money, which I haven’t done this year. Which is good).

I’ve played lovely gigs in Weymouth, Berwick, Llanfyllin, Stroud, Brighton and several in that London that they have.

Many thanks to the wonderful people who put me on and to the various people I played to who didn’t throw things at me.

There will be a little bandcamp release with some live recordings as a pay what you want thing. I’ll probably have that ready and up in a month or so.

Here’s hoping next year is even busier.

Live gigs!

Hello You!

Last Saturday I played at the BEM showcase. It was a lovely gig ful of lovely people. no-one threw anything at me, and I think I got away with having a rather cold-damaged voice. Here’s a video:

Also, I’m playing some more concerts over the next few months. Here’s a thing:


There are links over the on the right hand side this site’s homepage with more details.



I have some live gigs booked

December 5th at the Art Cafe Winchester

Doors at 7:30pm. It’s free entry. Here’s a facebook event.

January 23rd 2016 at The Yellow Book in Brighton

This is a great steampunk venue. Doors at 7:30pm. It’s free entry. Here’s a facebook event.

February 13th 2016 at The Boston Music Rooms.

This is the ‘big gig’: an evening of BEM music including The Gift, Twice Bitten, JH and myself. It’s gonna be ace. Tickets are here. There is also a facebook event

I’m really looking forward to getting out of London for some of these gigs. I’m hoping to get to other parts of the country and keep up the pace of about one per calendar month (I know, that might not sound a lot, but it’s plenty when you’re balancing it around full time work!).

If you’re able to come along, please do, it would be great to have a nice turn out. If you can’t but you know people in London, Winchester or Brighton who might want to come, please let them know!

Gigs gigs gigs!

One of the things I don’t really have time to sort out is performing.

I can do day job, recording music, a bit of promo, and, well, life. But there isn’t the time to do all the work that would go into making gigs happen, not if I want to get the music recorded and released at a pace I’m happy with. So I am very happy that people ask me to play gigs. This is probably the best way to ensure you get to see me play – ask me to a thing you’re putting on. We need a room and some people, that’s all.

So coming up we have:

August 21st – Supporting JH at the Miller Pub, London Bridge 7pm. Facebook event.

August 22nd – The Surrey Steampunk Convivial New Malden, I think I’m playing around 9ish. Facebook event.

September 12th – House concert in London (dunno If that’s open to the general public yet)

July 16th 2016Eppyfest!

Plus hopefully some stuff in the pipeline for November will get sorted and I get to visit other parts of the country.

Recently I’ve also played in Durham, Weymouth, London thanks. All of these gigs have a. not cost me money b. had lovely audiences c. been great events that people have enjoyed.

Having spent quite a while playing shit gigs on the London circuit a few years back, I regard this current policy of playing stuff when nice people come to me with interesting ideas as a good one.