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So here’s the next couple of episodes of the podcast.

Episode 3:

Which is about the villain of the piece. Well, one of the villains. More than that, it includes remixed versions of two songs from the ‘Through These Veins’ ep. I was never happy with the mix fo that, so I thought I’d see about fixing it.

And episode 4 which is about a town called Ironbark:

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I’ve decided to do an acoustic gig to launch the new album. Here’s the blurb:

Having hoodwinked an actual record label into releasing his latest album, Fit the Fourth, Tom Slatter has now decided to bully his friend and family into sitting through an evening of his music. You can come and listen too.
Tom will be performing an acoustic set in the Chapel at St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London. It will include songs from the new album and others that tell the story of ‘Seven Bells John’ who has been haunting Tom’s music for the last five years. As it will just be Tom and his acoustic guitar you won’t be forced to endure those self indulgent solos that he puts in the studio version of his songs.
Between songs Tom is likely to tell bad jokes and complain about Martin from Bad Elephant records who now writes all his publicity material.
Tickets are free, but strictly limited in number. Doors at 7:30pm but you can turn up earlier and enjoy the marvellous food and drink at the Gallery Cafe.
You’ll be able to buy a copy of the album too, if you want one.
Opening act TBC

You can book yourself a free ticket at this link. It’s small venue, so while the tickets are free, once they’re gone they’re gone.


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The dodgy voice acting continues as this episode tells us about Seven Bells John’s most heinous crime, the murder of the Jeremiah twins. ‘Won’t you tell us where the last one is?’

It includes the songs Lines overheard at a Séance and Moon in the Water.

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Ahead of the release of my next album, Fit the Fourth, I thought I’d tell the story of Seven Bells John in chronological order. That way you might understand what half the music on the new album is about.

This one starts with some dodgy voice acting (I did my best!), followed by a bit of the story and the track Nightfall

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11117378_10153231910386477_997808230_nMy new album, Fit the Fourth is now available for pre-order in CD and digital formats.
CD pre-order from The Merch Desk
Digital pre-order from the BEM sales site
The album is to be released on 1st June 2015 and while you’re waiting for it to arrive check out the single, ‘Some of the Creatures Have Broken the Locks on the Door to Lab 558’, released as a pay-what-you-want download single on the BEM site today




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My new album Fit the Fourth will be released in June. Here’s a PDF of the press release. And here’s what my record labels PR department (ie. a lovely bloke called Martin) has to say:


Bad Elephant Music

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that ‘Fit the Fourth’, the new album from respected singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Slatter, will be released on June 1st, 2015.

Tom weaves complex and fantastical stories throughout his music and this new album is no different. Dark deeds and dangerous characters litter the narrative, including the continuing tale of Seven Bells John. The story of this menacing character and the vivid steampunk world he inhabits has been interwoven throughout Tom’s music from his first appearance on Slatter’s debut album ‘Spinning The Compass’. With ‘Fit the Fourth’, John’s journey comes full circle with his eventual fate revealed in twenty-minute epic, ‘Seven Bells Redeemed’.

Aided by bassist Jordan Brown on two songs, Tom has produced another stellar tale with deliciously sinister leanings illustrated, as ever, with Joe Slatter’s inventive visuals.

Fit the Fourth will be available directly from Bad Elephant Music – – and other selected outlets from 1st June. Pre-ordering will be announced shortly – and keep a look out for more surprises!

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Here’s the lyric video for the final song from my song cycle ‘The Miser’s Will’.

What’s it about?

The previous songs were about the executor of the will collecting various weird body parts and then having them assembled. Here we see why as he reads the will to the miser’s mourning relatives.

What’s going on musically?

This is was such fun to write. There are callbacks and reprises from every other song in this, building up to the 4/4 version of the Cartographer’s Tale chorus as the miser’s sinister purpose is revealed.

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This is the latest edition of my email newsletter. Except if you’re not on the mailing list you don’t have the password to the fanpage. Wahahahaha! (You can get it. Just click on the link and do what it says).

Hello you!

So last month you learned that I am now a Bad Elephant. Over the next couple you’ll learn more about the new album as we release various bits and bobs, building up to the release date.

Nothing’s being made public until the beginning of April, but I thought I’d put some stuff up on the fan page for mailing list subscribers, so click here for the fan page and use the password [redacted] to hear and see some stuff about the new album.

In Other News

I’ve been adding things to my youtube account. There’s a bit of nonsense from the recent video shoot, lyric videos for 4 songs from the Miser’s Will and an acoustic version of Something’s Bound to Happen (An old Comrade Robot song).

It’s going to be a great summer if you like my music. The new album is the best stuff I’ve ever written. If you don’t like my music… Why on earth are you still receiving these emails?

Thanks for listening!