Happy People is out now

My brand new album Happy People is out today!

I’m really proud of this one. It’s more rocky, more serious and far less steampunk and it sounds amazing.

You can find it at this link.

Don’t take my word for it. The first reviews have said:

“I get the feeling that all Tom’s previous works were a flexing of musical muscles, practising for the real thing. This album is the real thing.” – Prog Radar

“This feels like the quirky Tom Slatter that I have come to know and fear.” Progressive Music Planet

“Tom has probably made the best album that I have personally heard from him. It’s consistent, melodic, psychedelic, and well written. This could very well be the album that really breaks Tom into the vast, lucrative world of progressive rock. ” – Prog Mind

The first reviews of Happy People are in…

… and they’re good ‘uns.

Rob over the Progressive Music Planet wrote the following:

“Name in a File” combines tunefulness with the odd slant that Tom is known for and good at. It makes for a great one-two punch to start the album out. “Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said” reminds me a little of Tim Bowness for some reason. Given that I love what Bowness has been up to, that’s a good thing. “Even Then We’re Scared” feels like the quirky Tom Slatter that I have come to know and fear

The Prog Mind had this to say:

My favorite tracks are “Happy People” for being just a great song, “Satellites” for its addictive chorus, “Fire Flower Heart” for its classy and poetic soul, and “Set Light to the Sky” for its gleefully dark premise. Other great offerings would be the electronically laced instrumental “Tracking Signals” and the sweet guitars of “All of the Dark”. Honestly, now that I think about it, that last one might be my favorite.

Tom has probably made the best album that I have personally heard from him. It’s consistent, melodic, psychedelic, and well written. This could very well be the album that really breaks Tom into the vast, lucrative world of progressive rock. I think David over at BEM should maybe keep him around for a couple more albums.

Both very postive reviews, which is great. Like all artists I am incredibly vain and want to hear only praise. Two 8/10 reviews will do nicely.

Incidentally it is interesting to note that where the reviews have mentioned what they think are influences, they’re way off. 60’s music? The Beach Boys? Nothing wrong with those things but I’ve never really listened to anything from the 60s to be honest.

Anyway, two down. Let’s hope any more that turn up are equally as flattering.

Happy People – New album available for pre-order

My new album Happy People is available now for pre-order. you can hear the first track too.

Here’s the press release, which pleasingly is mostly my wording:

Tom Slatter, London’s self-proclaimed premiere steampunk and sci-fi based rock songwriter releases his fifth studio album, ‘Happy People’, on 17th March 2017.

The artist himself describes ‘Happy People’ as conceptual masterpiece, a collection of life changing musical moments the likes of which haven’t been heard since the heady days of rock’s greatest acts like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or Showaddywaddy.

Yet it nearly didn’t see the light of day thanks to the “money grabbing, miserly attitude” of David Elephant, CEO of Bad Elephant Music and his internet cronies.

Work on Happy People began in late 2015, when Tom delivered his first set of demos. A vague intention to perhaps complete the final recording in early 2016 was deliberately misinterpreted by the egregious David Elephant as a commitment to a firm deadline. Unaware of this absurd expectation, self-avowed ‘genius songwriter’ Tom continued to work on demos. It was only in the summer of 2016 when Tom submitted a new set of astonishing demos and a modest request for expenses to cover recording costs for full band, flugelhorn ensemble, orchestra and ‘beer allowance’ that the record label’s demands became unreasonable.

And so, despite the imposition of a production team (Daniel Bowles and Jordan Brown) – which Tom will grudgingly admit have made the album sound fantastic – and the whipping up of a frenzied Internet bullying campaign under the banner of ‘The Tom Slatter Immoral Support Group’ on Facebook, Happy People has now been completed and will be released in March 2017, only six months late.

Tom says: “this album is my best yet. I don’t care if David Elephant is moaning about it not being prog. There are a few funny time signatures and one song is nine minutes long so Elephant can shut his stupid, Northern face”.

Says David Elephant: “yeah, it’s not bad. Jordan and Dan have done a great job making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Whether it’ll shift any units remains to be seen – but ultimately, it’s Slatter’s circus. If it sells well, I’ll allow him to buy me a curry. If it doesn’t, I will crush him. I will crush him utterly”.

‘Happy People’ is available to pre-order now from the BEM web site, available as both a CD – with design by Joe Slatter – and as a high-quality digital download.

Live, Discomfiting and Overly Whimsical

I have just released a 10 track live ‘bootleg’ made over the last 12 months at various gigs. As well as the music it has a pdf tour diary attached with some absolutely true stories in it.

It contains an acoustic version of a song that will be on the new album. Can you guess which one?

They’re not perfect pro recordings, they’re rough and ready and a good document of what these acoustic gigs were like.

They also show what my singing voice is like live. Like every singer under the sun, I am self-conscious about my voice and I never feel I get the real thing over in studio recordings. This is me, and I think I give a fair showing. In fact some of it I think I’m actually very proud of.

It’s up for any price you want – 0 is definitely fine. If you do want to pay that would be appreciated. If it helps motivate you, I can let you know that any funds will go towards the £200 we need to hire a film studio for the music vid that will accompany the title track of the new album early next year.

We want it to look good. It would be great if we can do that.

The fact that the film studio we’re going to use is genuinely also a leading London fetish dungeon is coincidence. We need the money for art, honest.

Summer Gigs are now over!


Finally a quiet weekend after my busiest spring/summer of gigs. I’ve played to some lovely audiences all around the country and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing so.

Reviews of these gigs have described me as: ‘dark’, ‘sardonic’ and ‘overly whimsical’.

Being a little one-man-band indie musician with a day job, I don’t have the time to go looking for gigs. In fact all but one of this year’s gigs came about because someone asked me to come and play rather than me asking them.

This is still the best way to see me play a gig – just ask! All we need is a room and some people (depending on the amount of people we might need some other equipment as well. And I need to not lose money, which I haven’t done this year. Which is good).

I’ve played lovely gigs in Weymouth, Berwick, Llanfyllin, Stroud, Brighton and several in that London that they have.

Many thanks to the wonderful people who put me on and to the various people I played to who didn’t throw things at me.

There will be a little bandcamp release with some live recordings as a pay what you want thing. I’ll probably have that ready and up in a month or so.

Here’s hoping next year is even busier.