DeadPuppyRecycling – A New Song

DeadPuppyRecycling is a brand new song that I recorded last year and mixed this morning.

Members of my mailing list will be recieving a link to the mp3 of the song in an email tomorrow. Anyone else, if you’d like a free copy just click the download button.

2 thoughts on “DeadPuppyRecycling – A New Song

  1. Very nice vibe to this, like the low voice verse/ hi voice chorus combo, good rythmns going on, M8 is a nice change of scene, even the bins photo all add to the experience. Bandcamp is definitely where it’s at these days.

  2. Cheers, Edwin. This song is also a blatant rip-off of Radiohead – but shhh, don’t tell anyone.

    (It also rips off the chorus of Slade’s Christmas song)

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