The first reviews of Happy People are in…

… and they’re good ‘uns.

Rob over the Progressive Music Planet wrote the following:

“Name in a File” combines tunefulness with the odd slant that Tom is known for and good at. It makes for a great one-two punch to start the album out. “Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said” reminds me a little of Tim Bowness for some reason. Given that I love what Bowness has been up to, that’s a good thing. “Even Then We’re Scared” feels like the quirky Tom Slatter that I have come to know and fear

The Prog Mind had this to say:

My favorite tracks are “Happy People” for being just a great song, “Satellites” for its addictive chorus, “Fire Flower Heart” for its classy and poetic soul, and “Set Light to the Sky” for its gleefully dark premise. Other great offerings would be the electronically laced instrumental “Tracking Signals” and the sweet guitars of “All of the Dark”. Honestly, now that I think about it, that last one might be my favorite.

Tom has probably made the best album that I have personally heard from him. It’s consistent, melodic, psychedelic, and well written. This could very well be the album that really breaks Tom into the vast, lucrative world of progressive rock. I think David over at BEM should maybe keep him around for a couple more albums.

Both very postive reviews, which is great. Like all artists I am incredibly vain and want to hear only praise. Two 8/10 reviews will do nicely.

Incidentally it is interesting to note that where the reviews have mentioned what they think are influences, they’re way off. 60’s music? The Beach Boys? Nothing wrong with those things but I’ve never really listened to anything from the 60s to be honest.

Anyway, two down. Let’s hope any more that turn up are equally as flattering.

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