Two more mentions for Spinning the Compass

Spinning the Compass technically isn’t finished. I still have to sort out a final cover and redo a few little details in the recordings. Neverthless, it’s getting the occasional mention online. Here are two of ’em:

Andrew Liptak from Carry You Away:

…Another artist, one of our favorites from a couple years ago, Tom Slatter, of the since metamorphosed We’ll Write (now called Comrad Robot), has released a solo album with a steampunk theme called Spinning the Compass. If you liked We’ll Write, Slatter has kept a lot of the same feel from that group with the same nerdish themes of machines and humanity…

Rob Weber

Tom Slatter’s Spinning the Compass is best described, I think, as acoustic prog-rock. From alternating measures of 5/4 to wildly chromatic key changes to rowdy (acoustic) guitar solos, all of the prog-rock elements are there. As a fan of Yes and ELP, these elements drew me in immediately.

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