Freedom of Expression and the Sound of the Ladies

Last Tuesday I performed for the fourth time at the Green Dragon in Croydon, for Tim Eveleigh’s Freedom Of Expression.

Freedom of Expression is a lovely little night run by lovely people on a pub with lovely beer (and, on Tuesday, a cider that was to die for – but alas so strong that more than one pint might indeed have been potentially fatal).

Before I performed, Martin ‘The Sound of the Ladies’ Austwick played a set. Martin’s a great songwriter who writes quirky little indie songs about sciencey things. And Bricks.

He has a new album out soon – you can find out more on his blog.

I hardly prepared for my own set – I had a vague notion of which songs I might perform but mostly I played it by ear.

The set list was :

1. Sing for a Sail
2. Beast of the Air
3. August and Whiteface
4. Something’s Bound to Happen
5. Self made Mad
6. Demon

Next from me will be the new album – that’s probably a few months away still, and I’ll be moving house at some point in the next couple of months so that’s going to take up quite a bit of my time. We’ve just bought our first house, which is exciting, but what with having to have a day job as well I might not have enough time to devote to the new album over the Christmas period.

If you want to stay up to date with the new album, I’d suggest subscribing to the mailing list:

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