Raising Steam Twit-reviews

Today I decided to write a word association twitter review for the other acts performing at the Raising Steam Festival. This is what I wrote:

Thy Last Drop – playing punk with folk instruments and singing songs about naughty goings on. Vagabondy.

Gladstone: bit ‘eavy bit Iron Maiden Judas Priest telling stories about mummies and madness in the 19th century

The Mysterious Freakshow: Double double! rocky psychedelic bits o’ punk ‘n’ 70s rock. Hedge Witch= great song

@Steampunkfunk Montague Jacque Fromage – What a beard!

@TheMechanisms character costume narrative storytelling fiddles and drums I am slightly scared of them

@BirthriteUK slapback Bowie psychedelic metal filtered through 80s new wave vampires arpeggios and plenty of wah-wah

Crimson Clocks: Folky jumpy fiddles storytelling atmosphere of dark red cogs blood and bad people do-niverse?

@METbandUK 1880s new wave numan bowie synth’n’rock’n’neon’n’rayguns reverbnation.com/metbanduk

@MissVonTrapp cello vaudeville murder ballads and scaring young children from the back of a trike

Helicopter Quartet: Mad Loopy Droney Violin Guitar Crunchy Dreamy Sudden Gradual Bam!

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