Through These Veins EP – Wanna hear a preview?

Hello you!

I have a new EP nearly ready to go. It’s a concept EP, telling the story of a surgeon who is a little too creative in her medical interventions. As per usual, it’s steampunk prog rock, but with some different sounds to my previous stuff.

Steampunk? Yup, I’ll put a cog on the cover.

Prog rock? Yup, the songs go on too long and there’s no way you could dance to them.

With previous releases I’ve done a giveaway where you can get your hands on a preview version. Let’s do that again!

If you would like to hear three rough mixes of new songs, and view a video where I explain the story behind the ep, all you need to do is drop me an email (tomslattermusic AT and tell me you want in. I’ll pick 5 names out of a hat, metaphorically speaking, on Wednesday 13th November.

Actually, not metaphorically. I have a hat. I will pick 5 names out of an actual hat. A top hat!

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